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Thermal Shock Chamber – TO-5300T

Thermal Shock Chamber – TO-5300T



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Application Field
Diversity material parts and products
KS C 0225(sudden change-temperature)
Product Description
This tester measures the material parts and reliability of products, such as the rapid temperature change (in a 5min) and thermal characteristic of the material. It is rapidly able to reach the test temperature and have low noise and non-vibration. The tester has a diverse safe-device so prevent malfunction

  • This tester has two parts 27one type (Low temperature ↔ High temparature) dan 3Zone type (Low temperature ↔ room temperature ↔ High temperature)
  • Option
    -40ºC ~ 150ºC


 Model TO-5300T-2   O-5300T-3
 Dimension (IN) 300 x 300 x 300 mm  300 x 300 x 300 mm 
 Room  2 Zone 3 Zone 
 Temp. Range  -40ºC ~ 150ºC  -40ºC ~ 150ºC
 Temp. Rise/Drop Time  1.5ºC per 1 min 1.5ºC per 1 min 
 Controller  Touch Screen  Touch Screen
 Heater  16 KW 16 KW 
 Freezer 10 HP   10 HP
 Motor  400 W 400 W