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Quasi-Static Actuators

Quasi-Static Actuators



Servo-Hydraulic Loading Systems

The system is developed by the pioneers of servo-hydraulic loading systems in Turkey, TDG, and is being used for general purpose structure and earthquake tests.
The system can be customized for different force and speed capacities, and installed as a turnkey solution including hydraulic actuator, hydraulic power pack, electronic control system and software.It is possible to use 2 or more actuators in seperate or synchronized modes.

• 20 / 50 / 100 tonf or higher
• Full Control Over Software - Easy and Flexible
• Position Control&Force Control – Instant Transition
• Load Cell and Position Transducer Integrated to the Actuator
• Position Sensitivity up to 0.5 Microns
• Continuous Technical Support

Multi Axes System Designs:
• Synchronization Between Axes
• Force/Displacement
• Special Test Scenarios

Quasi-Static Actuators


    Capacity: 20 / 50 / 100 tonf or higher
    Structural Mechanics Laboratory Tests
    Field Tests
    Push-Over Tests
    Pseudo-Dynamic Tests
    Vertical Load Simulation
    Structural Tests on Reaction Wall

QUASI-STATIC Tests are Moved to the Field!

Civil Engineering Tests are moved to the field. Strucutral Mechanics are now not limited to small scale laboratory test but can be applied on real structures.



Force Capacity : 100 ton
Stroke : ± 250 mm
Max Velocity : 10 mm/sec
Position Feedback : SSI Encoder
EnkoderHassasiyeti : 2 mikron
Force Feedback : 100 Tons Load Cell


Flow : 28 l/min.
Pressure : 210 bar
Installed power : 11 kW
Tank Volume : 200 l

Control Resolution : 16 bit, analog output
Control Type : Closed Loop PID Control with Special Motion Controller
Feedback Types : SSI, Quadrature and Analog