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OptoNCDT 1700

OptoNCDT 1700

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The optoNCDT 1700 laser sensors are designed for measuring displacement, distance and position. The unique Real-Time Surface Compensation (RTSC) feature enables measurements against a wide range of material surfaces. Its compact design makes the optoNCDT 1700 ideal for all industrial applications in automation and OEM production equipment.



Model ILD 1700- 2 ILD 1700- 10 ILD 1700- 20 ILD 1700- 40 ILD 1700- 50 ILD 1700- 100 ILD 1700- 200 ILD 1700- 250VT ILD 1700- 500 ILD 1700- 750
Measuring range 2mm 10mm 20mm 40mm 50mm 100mm 200mm 250mm 500mm 750mm
Start of measuring range SMR 24mm 30mm 40mm 175mm 45mm 70mm 70mm 70mm 200mm 200mm
Midrange MR 25mm 35mm 50mm 195mm 70mm 120mm 170mm 195mm 450mm 575mm
End of measuring range EMR 26mm 40mm 60mm 215mm 95mm 170mm 270mm 320mm 700mm 950mm
Linearity 2µm 8µm 16µm 32µm 40µm 80µm 200µm 630µm 400µm 750µm
Linearity  FSO ≤0.1% ≤0.08% ≤0.1% ≤0.25% ≤0.08% ≤0.1%
Resolution  dynamic 0.1µm 0.5µm 1.5µm 4µm 3µm 6µm 12µm 50µm 30µm 50µm
Resolution  static 0.025µm 0.125µm 0.375µm 1µm 0.75µm 1.5µm 3µm 12.5µm 7.5µm 12.5µm
Measuring rate 2.5kHz / 1.25kHz / 625Hz / 312.5Hz (adjustable)
Light source semiconductor laser <1mW, 670nm (red)
Permissable ambient light  at 2.5kHz 10,000lx 15,000lx 10,000lx
Laser safety class class 2 acc. DIN EN 60825-1 : 2008-05
Spot diameter  SMR 80µm 110µm  320µm 230µm 570µm 740µm 1300µm 1500µm 1500µm 1500µm
Spot diameter  MMR 35µm 50µm 45µm 210µm 55µm 60µm 1300µm 1500µm 1500µm 1500µm
Spot diameter  EMR 80µm 110µm 320µm 230µm 570µm 700µm 1300µm 1500µm 1500µm 1500µm
Operation temperature 0 ...+50°C 0 ...+55°C 0 ...+50°C
Storage temperature -20 ... +70°C
Output  measurements selectable: 4 ... 20mA / 0 ... 10V / RS 422 / USB (optional with cable PC1700-3/USB)
Output  switching outputs 1 x error or 2 x limit (each pogrammable)
Switch Input Operation laser ON-OFF / zero
via touch screen on sensor or via PC with ILD 1700 too
Power supply 24VDC (11 ... 30VDC), max. 150mA
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN 61000-6-3 EN 61000-6-2
Sensor cable length (with connector) 0.25m (integrated cable with connector) option: 3m or 10m
Synchronization possible for simultaneous or alternating measurements
Protection class IP 65
Vibration 2g / 20 ... 500Hz
Shock 15g / 6ms
Weight (with 0.25m cable)  ~ 550g  ~ 600g  ~ 550g   ~ 600g