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The sensors of the MDS-40-MK series are a new generation of cost-effective and flexible magneto-inductive sensors for high volume or industrial applications. In addition to the pre-configured preferred types, a combination of further options (power supply, output, plug,...) is possible. The appropriate sensor can be combined from numerous configuration options.


Preferred types

Model MDS-40-MK-SA8- MDS-40-MK-SR7-U10 MDS-40-MK-SR7-U45R MDS-40-MK-SR0-F MDS-40-MK-XXX
Measuring range RL21 magnet: 30mm (further measuring ranges see accessories)  
Offset distance RL21 magnet: 1.5mm  
Linearity <±3% ….±5% FSO  
Temperature stability ±500 ppm FSO / K  
Frequency response /Square frequency 1000Hz (-3dB) typ. 402 - 285 Hz (square)  
Electrical connection

connector axial,

M8x1, 4 pin

connector radial,

JST JWPF, 4 pin

connector radial, JST PA, 4 pin selectable
Output 4…20mA 2…10V 0.5V…4.5V (ratiometric) frequency (time measurement, p.15) selectable
Storage temperature -20°C…80°C
Operating temperature -20°C…80°C  
Power supply 11…30 VDC 5 VDC selectable
Protection class IP67 (casting) IP20 (partial casting) selectable
Housing materials PA 66 / brass / PUR
Packaging unit 1 pc 10 pc  from 200 pc