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The MDS-40-LP sensors are specially designed for large volume production from 2,000 pieces or more. As these sensors are reduced to pure measurement technology, the creation of cost-effective PCB sensors was possible. Their flat design and flexible arrangement of the magnets allows easy integration in restricted spaces. Measured values are output via a rectangular signal, which is easily evaluated via, for example, digital inputs from micro-controllers.


OEM sensor example MDS-40-LP-SUS MDS-40-LP-F
Measuring range 40mm 40mm
Linearity ±6 % FSO ±9 % FSO
Temperature stability ±0.06% FSO/K ±0.2% FSO/K
Resolution <0.05% FSO <0.05% FSO
Physical output parameter  Period duration Rectangle: typ. 2.0ms ... 3.3ms (p.15)  Period duration Rectangle: typ. 1.6ms ... 1.7ms (p.15)
Operating temperature  -20°C ... +85°C
Supply voltage  3.6Vdc ... 5.3Vdc 
Power consumption  typ. 15mA (5V) 12mA (3.6V) 
Typ. dimensions  50 x 15 x 3mm  20.8 x 14.8 x 3mm
Electrical connection Plug-in connection to a PCB; grid size 2.5mm
Minimum quantity 2,000 pc 5,000 pc