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Filler Dispersion Grader FDG-A1

Filler Dispersion Grader FDG-A1



This instrument provides automatic visual analysis for rapid, comparative and quantitive assessment of filler dispersion in rubber, which may affect many properties including abrasion resistance, tensile strength, tear strength and fatigue resistance.


PC System:

1. IBM Compatible PC with Windows 7

2. 1TB HDD

3. Pre-Installed U-CAN FDG software

4. 21-inch LCD colour screen

5. Colour printer

Optical Range:

FDG-A1s : 3-57 microns

FDG-A1h : 1-20 microns

Light Source: Super bright LED
Dimensions: L: 430 x W: 240 x H: 310mm
Environment: 10°C to 40°C
Electrical Requirements: 110V 2A or 220V 1.2A