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Eccentric Mass Shaker

Eccentric Mass Shaker



Eccentric Mass Shaker

 In forced vibration tests, buildings should be exposed to vibrations. However, this vibrations should be in specific frequencies which are controlled by the tester. This allows
frequency sweeping over the building. At the same time, the building’s reaction is measured and natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios as well as the FRF-Frequeny Responce Function of the structure can be determined. This method is harder to apply compared to ambient vibration tests, however may give more accurate results since the vibrations are well defined and have much higher amplitudes.
Teknik Destek Grubu can manufacture and provide the complete system for test method, including the shaker, measurement system, sensors and software.


There are two main methods used in Structural Health Monitoring and dynamic identifications of buildings:

1. Ambient Vibration Tests (Operational Modal Analysis)

2. Forced Vibration Tests