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Aging Tester – TO-5000A

Aging Tester – TO-5000A



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


  • Application Field
    Vulcanized rubber, urethane foam-rubber, heat-resist rubber, vibration proof-rubber
  • Standard
    ISO4577, ASTM D573, JIS K7212, KSM6518
  • Product Description
    As this tester is a product that measures and modifies some specific conditions, such as the degree of hardness with aging modify chart, for maintaining uniform heat of the distribute, the tester is used to observe what is changed after drying sample


 Model  TO-5000A
Material  SUS304 & Powder painting
 Temp. Range  RT – 350ºC
 Temp. Control Digital P.I.D Display 
 Timer 4 Digit Display 
Turn Table 2 Step (Option: Adjustable Height Type) 
Heater  Incoloy Heater, 3kw
Speed Maker Adjustable Volume Type (Option) 
Rotation Speed 3 ~ 8 RPM (fix) 
Dimension (Inner) 450 x 450 x 500mm (W x D x H) 
 Dimension (Outer)  750 x 680 x 1400mm (W x D x H)
 Power 220V, 60Hz